A team of four others and I spent 3 weeks studying the interactions of people with the digital environment provided by Zoom. We followed the double diamond model of design and conducted two different interviews with numerous members of our target demographic in order to figure out how we could improve Zoom's virtual environment.  After our first interview, we realized lots of our interviewees expressed concerns about the Zoom chat. As a result, we shifted our focus and redefined the problem we were addressing to surround the chat feature.  Following the second round of interviews and a thorough analysis of our data, we came up with an impressive Zoom Chat redesign you can view yourself in the presentation video, presentation slides, or Figma prototype file all embedded below.
To view the paper including all the details on this case study, click the button directly below this
This 8-minute video below is a brief overview of our entire case study and outlines the entirety of our process. To view the prototype in action, please skip to 4:25
This slide presentation (below) is the same one used in the video above, feel free to skim through it!
This Figma file down below includes all of the frames used in our prototype for you to explore.
Shihan Gong: Conducted 4 interviews. Worked with Johnathan on the data collection part, split evenly on methodology and proof of data.
Johnathan Tinajero: conducted 4 interviews. Worked with Shihan on the data collection part and proofread methodology and inserted graphs for interview #2. 
Rajvir Logani: Conducted 4 interviews, provided some ideas and critique for redesign, did half of the problems and trends portion of the paper (specifically the “Errors and Issues with Direct/Group messages” section and the “Chat WIndow Positioning” section), worked on original interview questions, made revised interview questions with Fiona, and helped ideate for the redesign.
Janzen Molina: Led 3 interviews. Wrote half of the problems and trends section. Edited the team’s video content for the video and presentation parts of the project. Presented half of the analysis and conclusion for the slide deck presentation. 
Fiona Liu: Led 4 interviews; Formed interview questions as well as subsequent revisions with Rajvir; Worked with Sunay on redesign; Justification, Prototyping, Iterations, general editing and formatting
Sunay Bargotra: Led 3 interviews on other fellow students. Worked with Fiona on ideas for redesign. Created graphs and definitions for the design space and worked on trade offs that our redesign has. 

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